My mission as an artist is to bring people into the moment, and their bodies, by making and playing great music using all my talents as a songwriter, singer, producer and DJ. I blend the big synths and driving beats of my North Carolina college roots with the minimal touch and refinement I learned living in Ibiza. It’s cinematic dance music, dark and moody, but with a heart that pulses with optimism.

My musical influences are the artists who have inspired me to sing, dance, cry, and truly feel the music. I weave elements of Rüfüs Du Sol, Meduza, Bob Moses, Hanz Zimmer, Glass Animals, Lana Del Rey, and Banks into my sound.

The playlist below is a collection of songs for my personal artist project (Lena Ozea) that lives on the border of dance and pop, as well as other work that exemplifies the wider scope of styles that I enjoy creating.

desert and truck shoot-564.jpg